Venture Launchpad

Venture Launchpad

From ideation to scale, Launchpad serves as a one-stop shop for all your venture-building needs.

We partner with disruptive founders to accelerate their ideas to market

We focus on founders passionate about transforming major industries, ranging from SaaS, infrastructure software and security to fintech and healthcare to commerce and consumer tech.

Our unique and differentiated platform empowers founders to grow their companies at all stages. This starts with a partnership that has deep domain expertise and extensive operating experience. Furthermore, we leverage the global platform of Concilium to help founders access networks, partners and customers that are pivotal on the path to scale.

Let’s create the future and make history together.

What we do

Concilium’s team members are experienced investors, entrepreneurs, innovation leaders and product managers. Operating in major innovation hubs around the world, we work with a strong network of venture capitalists, technology leaders and start-ups to help clients develop their innovation strategies, design optimal operating models, launch and scale new businesses, set up corporate venture capital functions, evaluate industry ecosystems and forge beneficial connections with relevant innovation leaders.


What To Expect

We help you leverage your unique strengths to ensure the best and fastest results for your venture, and we augment your strengths with the talents of our product builders, growth hackers, and venture leaders. Test-and-learn and agile ways of working help you accelerate your results, as does access to our global start-up and VC ecosystem.

How We Do It

We collaborate with you to discover, build, launch and scale disruptive new businesses and products. Generate a portfolio of disruptive, market-tested idea; validate the value prop by piloting an MVP; rapidly build out the product to launch and commercialize; and, finally, scale the new venture and recruit the right talent.

Why Us

We hit the ground running with our experienced Launchpad Team, drawn from a rich talent pool of experts and supported by best practices in successful start-up launches. We know what makes for a disruptive, high-value idea and what you need to execute on it, including the capabilities you’ll need internally to be sure your venture team succeeds over the long haul. We’ve helped companies in diverse industries launch and scale breakthrough innovations.
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